5 Good Ways to
Avoid Binge Eating That Really Works!

How To Prevent Binge Eating

Statistics show that about 2 percent of adults suffer some type of binge eating disorder.

Usually, this disorder involves a person eating large amounts of food to the point of feeling uncomfortably full.

With this disorder, people often eat alone and then feel guilty or ashamed of consuming so much food so quickly.

Since many people go through several periods of compulsive bingeing a month, or even a week, they often end up overweight or obese.

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Overcoming this disorder is possible, but requires several lifestyle changes.

7 Useful Tips That Will Help You Avoid Going Through Binge Eating Episodes:

1. Keep a meal diary

It is normal for people to often lose track of what they eat during the day.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a diary with the food you eat in order to control eating habits.

In different studies carried out, it has been discovered that keeping a food diary has been useful to help subjects lose weight and avoid overeating.

So start to write down all the food consumed during the day.

Although tracking calories is not essential for this activity to work, it can be useful.

Also, be sure also to include any beverage, since the excess calories in many beverages, from fruit juices to sodas and energy drinks, can accumulate quickly.

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2. Identify binge detonators

Most people who have trouble controlling their appetite have one or more triggers that lead to episodes of binge eating.

Identifying and avoiding the triggers is one of the most critical steps to prevent future successful episodes.

For example, Betty feels compelled to eat when she is under stress at work or when she is close to relatives who make her uncomfortable. In this case, Betty’s main trigger is stress. However, she does not feel compelled to eat if a health problem stresses her.

While stress is a very broad trigger, not all types of stress push a person into a binge episode.

In another example, John strives for fitness and regularly goes to the gym for quite some time. For him, this is a cyclical behavior. John gains weight when he stops going to the gym feels depressed by his weight and begins to eat. In this case, your binge eating is triggered by depression, and your depression comes from a negative body image after you suspend your exercise routine.

Identifying binge triggers is as important as identifying the events that precede them.

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3. Eliminate “favorites” in binge eating

Many people with eating disorders gravitate towards certain foods and, in general, these are high-calorie foods loaded with carbohydrates and fats.

For those who binge at home, buying wisely helps prevent episodes from happening.

The key is to make a shopping list before going to the store and not skip it.

Write on your list the healthiest foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Since most fruits and vegetables are not very plentiful, write down some healthy foods you can eat to replace them.

Brown rice, oats, and quinoa are some examples of nutritious foods, rich in fiber and that will fill you up quickly.

As a last resort, if the temptation to buy any of your favorites is too strong think about the possibility of going to the supermarket with a friend who can help you with this goal.

4. Make satisfactory shakes

You can also try combining foods to develop creative ideas that help you avoid binge eating.

As a concrete example, a milkshake with oatmeal powder, sorbet without sugar, honey, fresh fruit, chia seeds and cinnamon is both satiating and healthy.

For an even more satisfying result, you can add whey proteins to the mix, since the protein helps quench hunger quickly.

A smoothie like this will also satisfy your desire for sweets if that’s your bane.

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5. Plan outings to eat out in advance

Some people are also robbed when eating away from home.

If possible, try to avoid restaurants that meet all your worst temptations.

Another option even better is to plan that exit with time.

Read the menu in advance on the restaurant’s website and choose some healthy and satisfying options that suit your palate.

If the temptation is too high and it is not possible to change the restaurant for a group meeting, ask that you not be allowed to order food.

Before leaving, tell a friend to ask for a healthy option for you.

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6. Focus on health and not on size

Compulsive binge eating disorders affect many adolescents and young women who are not satisfied with their body image.

The resulting depression can create a cycle of negative behavior for life. Also, at any age, they may feel intimidated continuously by their peers and friends because of their body image which worsens binge eating tendencies.

Many people try to overcome these compulsive episodes by reducing the calories in their meals and exercising.

Cravings for unhealthy foods, along with compulsive triggers, lead many people to frequent high-calorie consumption.

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To overcome these binge-eating impulses, concentrate on developing a healthier life instead of losing a certain number of kilos or getting a specific clothing size.

Since 1950, restrictive diets have proven to be ineffective and even harmful in many studies carried out.

Dieters who restrict themselves to lose weight often recover a large percentage of lost weight or even gain weight.

Choose healthier foods without significantly reducing calories and follow a regular exercise regimen.

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7. Seek professional advice

Binge eating disorder is a type of diagnosable eating disorder, and professional help is needed to overcome it successfully.

Many people do not seek help because of the stigma associated with psychological disorders. However, this is one of the most treatable disorders that exist.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in helping people overcome their compulsion to eat.

After one year, the success rate in a study on cognitive-behavioral therapies was 80 percent.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy connects thought patterns and emotions with behaviors.

By promoting self-awareness, people can move away from triggers and binge episodes and replace their habits with positive behaviors that drive them to make better decisions.

Binge eating should not be a source of embarrassment for anyone, and recent research shows that the presence of a specific gene is related to this type of episode in obese people.

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It’s time for a change!

Changing your lifestyle may seem like something that requires a lot of effort.

However, these changes are easier to perform when they are assumed with a positive attitude and a great ambition to develop them permanently.

Get in touch with family and friends to get support and encouragement. Your support will help you improve your mental health and your responsibility on the road to success.

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