10 of the Healthiest Carbohydrates
You Can Eat to Lose Weight

Healthy Carbohydrates

The term “carbos” is the abbreviated name of carbohydrates, which live up to their name by being molecules that contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

When it comes to food, carbohydrates can be categorized as fiber, sugars or starches.

Humans cannot digest the first, but the other two components can be used to feed the human body or transform into fat for long-term storage.

As a result, many experts recommend low-carb diets to lose weight.

But keep in mind that there are good and bad carbohydrates.

This means that when you are dieting you should eat the right types of carbohydrates, as long as you find the proper balance of care and attention to the body.

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These are 10 of the best foods with carbohydrates to lose weight:

1. Apples

Apples contain large amounts of healthy fiber that make them very satiating while providing low calories.

As a result, they are an excellent option for people who want to lose a little weight, either by eating them alone between meals or cooked with other foods as part of a meal.

Better yet, its fiber and the rest of its nutrients provide a series of health benefits. Highlighting, specifically, the drop in blood sugar levels.

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2. Bananas

Like apples, bananas contain large amounts of fiber. This means that they allow people to eat less while avoiding the sensation of hunger intelligently and sensibly.

However, it is also interesting to note that most bananas and bananas contain several types of carbohydrates. Thus, ripe bananas have a much higher proportion of sugars than starches and green bananas have a much higher percentage of starches than sugars.

Naturally, this fruit is also full of vitamins and other nutrients that improve the function of the cardiovascular system and the digestive system.

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3. Strawberries

Given its juiciness, it should not be a surprise to know that strawberries contain large amounts of water and that the amount of carbohydrates in this fruit is far behind.

Most of these carbohydrates come in the form of simple sugars, but there is also a considerable amount of fiber in them.

Thanks to the combination of other nutrients, strawberries are a healthy food that can provide not only an energy injection but also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and even antioxidant properties.

4. Almonds

In general, this product is not among those that contain more carbohydrates, but almonds are great because they provide a good balance of fiber, fat, and proteins, along with a large number of other essential nutrients.

As a result, they are not only good for people looking to feel sated between meals but also for those who want to improve their health as much as possible.

After all, almonds can provide some essential health benefits ranging from a lower chance of developing cancer caused by free radicals, to help keep blood pressure and blood sugar levels under control. Magnesium consumption.

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5. Peanuts

Technically, peanuts are legumes and not nuts. However, it is interesting to note that they are very similar to almonds because they have a right balance of fat, fiber, and protein along with other essential nutrients.

As a result, they are incredibly beneficial when consumed in moderation, which has been correlated with healthier weights.

The exact reasons for this remain unknown, but peanuts offer from a greater feeling of fullness to a lower caloric intake due to its fiber.

6. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are seeds of Spanish salvia which is a South American plant related to the mint plant.

In ancient times, it was a favorite food source in Mesoamerican cultures. In modern times, this seed is highly valued as it is a reasonably efficient way to consume fiber, proteins and other important nutrients.

Due to its high fiber content, chia seeds allow you to sate more quickly while consuming fewer calories. This makes it much easier to get into shape by giving the body less energy to burn.

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7. Organic oatmeal

Oats contain significant amounts of carbohydrates, mainly in the form of starches.

Some of the carbohydrates found in oats are fiber, and almost none of them are sugars.

As a result, oatmeal is ideal for satisfying people while providing the energy they need for their exercise routines.

Better yet, it is known that oatmeal contains all kinds of benefits for heart health. Cholesterol reduction is an excellent example of these benefits.

8. Quinoa

Most people believe that quinoa is cereal, but keep in mind that it is a seed that can be cooked and eaten in much the same way as cereals.

In recent times, it has become trendy among those who care about their health due to various reasons such as the regulation of blood sugar levels and the contribution of higher amounts of fiber compared to most cereals that exist in the market.

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9. Beans

Eating properly cooked beans is a great way to take protein, as well as starches and a small amount of fiber.

As a result, beans are an excellent choice for people who want to feel satiated and for those who need more energy to perform their exercise routines.

In particular, beans are suitable for diabetics because their starches take longer to digest. This means that the resulting sugars are released into the bloodstream for a more extended period.

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10. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are sometimes called yams, but keep in mind that yams tend to refer to a different but similar looking tuber type.

In general, sweet potatoes are composed of water and carbohydrates that can be separated into a large number of starches, some sugars and a somewhat smaller amount of fiber.

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Because of fiber, people can be more quickly sated with sweet potatoes and still find it easier to lose weight because they consume fewer calories that they will have to eliminate in their exercise routines.

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